Why You Should Select Webflow For Your Company

June 14, 2022
8 min read

There are numerous solutions your company can use to aid with its website creation. When businesses and individuals decide to launch their websites, their primary CMS option is usually WordPress. To be exact, a whopping 39% of all websites in existence run on WordPress. Even though WordPress is so widely used, there are numerous other platforms you can avail of when building your website. Don’t select a website-building platform before you do your due diligence and look into various solutions available on the market, as there may be options better suited for your company’s specific needs. This is advisable because all website creation platforms have their own pros and cons you should consider. That said, some solutions are more streamlined than the rest and offer additional advantages. In lieu of this statement, let’s look into 10 reasons why you should consider Webflow when creating your company’s website.

Introducing Webflow

Webflow is a solution that combines content management, design, and hosting all in one package. With Webflow’s customer-friendly no-code system, users can easily visualize and create their own responsive websites. The no-code approach allows anyone to build a high-performing internet site by utilizing a drag-and-drop interface. Hence, no coding is required. Webflow seeks to close the divide between simple website-building solutions such as Wix and content management systems such as WordPress. Even though you should research various different solutions for website creation and design, below we will list the top reasons why you should opt for Webflow when building your site.

1. Top-Notch Swiftness

Webflow’s CDN (content delivery network) guarantees that your website’s pages load swiftly irrespective of the user’s location. Webflow equips you with an agile hosting technology that will allow your company to thrive on the web. Loading speed is crucial due to these two main reasons. The first reason is superior UX (user experience). In our fast-paced, technology-powered world, users expect to have an answer to their questions as soon as they ask them. Because of this, it is important to meet users’ needs swiftly, as they won’t waste their time on a website that takes too long to load. If your site is slow, the user will likely click away and opt for a speedier solution. The second reason is to do with Google rankings. Several years ago, there weren’t any penalties for websites that took too long to load. Whereas nowadays, there is a set time in which your website is supposed to load, or else you can expect a penalty from Google. This means that if an Internet user has to spend extended time on your site due to loading issues, you will be penalized and your site will rank lower. Don’t miss out on your potential clients because your website takes too long to load. When you create a site with Webflow, you will have access to the swiftest hosting solution available on the web. Top-notch HTML and CSS generated by Webflow will allow your site to have an ultra-fast loading time.

2. Limitless Scalability

Webflow gives you complete control over design, which is among the major reasons for choosing Webflow as your go-to website-building solution. Each time a site is created, you begin with a clean slate. With Webflow, there’s no need for any premade templates or themes, because your site will be fully customizable. This is a key factor as, being a company owner, you offer a product or service that is distinctive and individual. Thus, you require a one-of-a-kind website as well. If you opt for Webflow, you will receive a unique solution fully customized to your specific needs and able to represent your product according to your vision. Furthermore, our capability to seize full command of the design process and information flow allows us to influence how your businesses’ details are delivered to your future customers. In turn, this allows us to come up with a compelling and straightforward call to action. We recognize that your product and its journey are individual. Equipped with Webflow, your business’s scalability will be at your fingertips.

3. Flexible Content Management

Webflow gives you maximum efficiency in managing your content. With its flexible CMS feature, you can easily add portfolios, blogs, and various services with just a few clicks in one central hub. This is exceedingly convenient, particularly for users who have little site knowledge. For instance, let’s imagine that you own a winery that sells rose, red and white wine. Following this example, let’s say that your company’s site has a webpage dedicated to wine selection, while each wine type is represented on its separate page that offers extended details to site visitors. Once all these pages and the CMS are set up, you can then add any extra wines easily in just a few minutes. All you need to add are new images and text, and you’re good to go.

4. No Need For Plug-Ins

Most website-building solutions require you to add various plug-ins to extend your site’s functionality. Since Webflow is all-inclusive, you have no use for any plug-ins that would need updating. When plug-ins become outdated, they can hinder the functionality of your site. When your site has too many plug-ins, it will take longer to load, thus putting a damper on user experience. Webflow’s no-plugin feature will allow your website to operate effectively and perform at its peak. What is more, operating without plug-ins facilitates effective and streamlined customer service. If you encounter any difficulties while using Webflow, please contact our customer service agents who are eager to help you with any queries.

5. Screen Size Adaptivity

In our highly digital world, people tend to increasingly rely on their pocket devices. Nowadays, smartphones became a primary tool most web dwellers use to search for information. According to numerous studies, about 52% of all web traffic originates from smartphones. With Webflow, you can take advantage of this tendency and create stunning mobile websites with smoothly-operating custom views for both smartphones and tablets. With this feature, you can also comprise various elements from the different views you created. Say, you wish your site to have a certain interactive feature on mobile (like the ability to swipe images) but you don’t wish to have this carousel feature on your desktop version. You can easily achieve this with Webflow. Thanks to this feature, your customers will be able to have an equally fulfilling experience using your website regardless of the technological medium they choose.

6. Enhanced Productivity

With Webflow, you can handle the design of your website alongside its development, thus speeding up the process and bringing the website launch date closer by the minute. Webflow allows you to concentrate on CSS and HTML without wasting your time on each individual vector and pixel. In just a few swift clicks, you will receive an effective design with no need for translation, guaranteeing a fast creation process and an efficient and fully operational end result you will be fully satisfied with.

7. Improved Safety

As previously stated, sites created with Webflow don’t need plug-ins, so you won’t need recurring updates. Plug-in updates that most site builders require may cause vulnerability concerns, which add to the cyber-attack risks. With Webflow, all your websites will get SSL certification. An added bonus of SLL is that it’s a host that offers your website optimal web safety. SSL certification is also important for Google, as it will allow your website to rank higher. Another bonus of using Webflow is automated site backups. This will put your mind at ease when you are working on your website since you will never have to stress about losing your progress.

8. Excellent Usability

Webflow is intuitive and extremely easy to use, even for a first-timer. After creating your site, you can effortlessly switch the images, edit the text, or even introduce CSS assets by yourself, since you won’t depend on our services for updating your website. By using Webflow you can be sure to have all the means to update your website without interfering with its backend infrastructure. This way, you can safely and confidently introduce any changes without the fear of jeopardizing your existing website design. Our website-building solution lets you add a project, a blog article, or staff members, and enter form submissions. With these features, you will have ultimate authority and management capabilities without the danger of messing up your site.

9. Squeaky Clean Code

With Webflow, you can expect to get a clean code that will make any further work on your site easy and effortless. If your code is clean, your website will be streamlined and will always run smoothly and without any delays.

A clean code is code that is highly logical, straightforward, easy to use, understand and build upon.

If your code is clean, your website will be streamlined and will always run smoothly and without any delays. Using Webflow can be compared to using Photoshop, as it’s just as intuitive and visual. With both solutions, you can drag and drop various elements onto your design and take advantage of different CSS properties. With Webflow, you can use visual building mechanics without ruining the intricacies of inline systems.

10. Cost-Effectiveness

Despite all its handy features, Webflow is super cost-effective. It’s very reasonably priced so you won’t break the bank. As we have mentioned before, you will not need to further invest in any plug-ins or other add-ons, which will further decrease your spending. With all this in mind, you would be wise to use Webflow when creating your next website.

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